Grants Awarded by Linwood Education Foundation

LEF raises funds throughout the year to award grants through our Annual Teacher Grant Program every Spring. LEF also presents a yearly Eighth Grade Technology Award and the Frank Rudnesky Renaissance Leadership Award to deserving graduating Belhaven students. Grants are for programs and equipment for both Schools and have included white boards, computers, instruments and wireless internet access for Belhaven and the Linwood Arboretum.

Seaview School Computer Lab Initial Seaview and Belhaven School Internet Connection
Belhaven School Classroom Computers Weather Station Lab at Belhaven
Computers & Furniture for Belhaven Writing Lab Author/Illustrator Robert Byrd for Read Across America Day
Seaview Pre-K Camcorder & Accessories Maps & Globes, Grades 2, 3 and 4
Belhaven Middle School Rock Garden Belhaven Teacher Mrs. Brown / Educational trip to Russia
Author Dan Gutman at Belhaven Belhaven Library DVD & DVD Collection
Ice Machine at Belhaven for Nurse and Phys. Ed. Dept. Summer Academic Enhancement Program
Music in Education Keyboarding Program Belhaven Multimedia Program
CO2 Car Track System (Industrial Technology) Butterflies Around (Mrs. Yakopcic's LRC)
Bullyproofing Our Schools (Seaview) Anti-Bullying Campaign (Belhaven)
Various Book Donations to Belhaven and Seaview Schools See the Light (4th Grade materials / trip)
Belhaven Band - Boston Pops Orchestra New Flags for Seaview Stage
Digital Cameras & Digital Video Camera for Seaview Digital Camera & Accessories for Belhaven
Visual Arts/Computer Technology Integration - 12 Wacom Graphire
>4x5 Graphic Tablets (Art & Computers)
“Do the Right Thing” - Video/DVD Series - Belhaven
Inspiration Computer Software for Belhaven Lab Digital Video Camera for WBEL at Belhaven
Testing & Data Acquisition in Design & Problem Solving -
>Wind Tunnel (CO2 dragster program) Industrial Tech-Fog Maestro (Aerodynamic) Structure Tester
Belhaven Multimedia Program (LCD projector & Interactive Whiteboard for 8th Grade Math)
Defibrillators Larry Biddle comes to Belhaven
Election 2004 - Scholastic Readers Guitars & Program for Belhaven Music
In the Bag (Kindergarten Take-Home Activity Backpacks) The Last Bridge (7th & 8th Grade Holocaust Presentation)
Seaview Library DVD PLayer & DVDs SMART - Student Mentor Program
NJ State Map for Seaview 4th Grade Study Island Interactive Website
Microscopes for Seaview School The Last Bridge (7th & 8th Grade Holocaust Presentation)
Laptop & Tech Chart - Seaview Spanish 5th Grade Language Arts DVD
7th Grade Science K'Nex Solar Energy DVD Players Mitchell, Wade, Coyle, Gagliardi
LCD Projector - Belhaven LRC Lifetime Fitness Weights Training Program
Whiteboard - Belhaven Spanish Seaview Playground Equipment
Swing for Sensory Integration - Seaview Preschool Seaview Multimedia Program
(LCD Projector & Whiteboard -
Renaissance 8th Grade Wall of Acceptance Mr. Haviland's from Greece to Linwood
Olweus Bullying Prevention Program for Belhaven Classroom Performance System - 7th Grade Science
Step Aerobics for Belhaven PE Dance Dance Revolution for Belhaven PE
Apple Laptop / Garage Band for Belhaven Music LCD Projection System for Mrs. Law's Room
Pre-engineering & Rapid Prototyping for Belhaven IT Belhaven Digital Still & Video Camera System
Tech Skill Enhancement Through Writer Learning Systems
(Seaview and Belhaven)
Art from Japan to Seaview
Life Skills Program for Seaview LRC Josten's Renaissance National Conference Grants
Digital Still & Video Camera for Seaview Ruby Bridges come to Linwood
Matting / Frame of Student's Art Work A-Z Online Reading Program
Language through Literacy Books by You Software
National Geographic - Reading Selections 1st Grade Projection System
Heart Rate Monitors Wireless Tablet PC for Gym
Starlab for 7th Grade Science Classroom Performance System
Digital Electronic Piano Josten's Renaissance National Conference Grants
District Schoolfusion Content Management System (Website) Smartboards - 2 for 1st & 2nd Grade
Interactive White Board / Projector Installation
for Special Ed. Dept
T1-Navigator System w/ 30 Graphing Calculators
Tablet PC for Gifted & Talented Program Playground Enhancement for Seaview
3 Smartboards for 2nd Grade Josten's Renaissance National Conference Registrations
CD Player/Headphone Learning Centers for 3rd & 4th Grade "In The Bag" Kindergarten Take-Home Learning Center
2 iMac Computers for the Belhaven Mac Lab Portable Distance Learning System for Belhaven
Classroom Performance System for 5th Grade Language Arts Tablet PC & Classroom Management Software
4th Grade Distance learning Trip Art Club for 2nd-4th Grade
Going Green Event Day Wetlands Institute Trip
iPod Touch in the 21st Century Interactive Smart Board for 1st Grade
Mean Girls Conference Species on the Edge Awards
Equipment & Installation of Wireless Internet System
at Belhaven and the Linwood Arboretum
Distance Learning-Interactive First Trip - 4th Grade
Clicker 5+ Paint Children's Writing Software
for Seaview Computer Lab
Art Club Supplies at Seaview
Bright Light Interactive Projector for Seaview Art Room Dictionaries and Thesauruses for 2nd Grade
iMac for Seaview Art Class 8th Grade Trip to Philadelphia
Linwood Arboretum Renaissance National Conference
GraEducation International 6th World Congress documented
w/ Sanyo Dual camera, books & authentic items from countries visited
Ignite Learning Online Subscription for 5th Grade
Rental of National Geographic Mega-Maps for 5th Grade Whitebox Learning Dragster 3-D Modeling Software for 7th Grade
Species on the Edge Awards
Ignite Learning Multimedia Program National Geographic Traveling Maps
Student Response System for 5th Grade Museum Field Trip - 8th Grade Team
7th Grade Science Lab Disc Golf Baskets for Belhaven Playground
Hyperstudio 5 & Kid Pix 3D Software for Seaview Computer Lab Student Response System - Clickers - 4 sets - 4th Grade
Student Response System - Clickers - 6 sets - 3rd Grade & Special Education Laptop Cart for Nurse's Office
Distance Learning-Interactive Television Program - 4th Grade Culture Club Supply / Materials
Species on the Edge Awards
Pottery Wheel for Art Classroom Light Raise 60wi Interactive Projector for Music Room
Engineering is Elementary Program for Grades 1 & 2 Lego WeDo Robotics Program
STEM Engineering & Design Studio - Belhaven STEM Through machines, technology & energy resource program
Belhaven Rensaissance Wall of Acceptance Using Technology in School Counseling Program
Disc Golf Baskets for Playground Restoration Research book for our “America” Unit
Species on the Edge Awards
STEM Design Studio 3D Printer STEM Nanotechnology Modules
CPR in Schools Training Program Whitebox Learning Dragster 2.0 Modeling Software
HP Google Chromebooks Partial TV Studio
Smart Projector for Industrial Tech Laptops for Related Arts
Species on the Edge Awards
Wall of Acceptance 1 Year Dragster Software Renewal
Tablets 45 Chromebooks + 2 Carts for Belhaven
6th Grade Sound Fields HoverCam Solo8 Camera
Foundations Training 30 Chromebooks + Cart for Seaview
Projector Species on the Edge Awards
Robotics: Dash & Dot Electronics & Circuits: LittleBits
Electronics & Circuits: Snap Circuits Tablets: iPad Mini4 128GB
Grade 3 Classroom Sound Fields Electronics & Circuits: LittleBits
7th Grade Classroom Sound Fields Wall of Acceptance
Lego Robotics Whitebox Learning Dragster Software Renewal
Vernier Motion Sensors - Real World Math Data Analysis Shopbot CNC Routerz
Species on the Edge Awards
Classroom Sound Fields at Seaview Chromebooks & Cart for Belhaven
21st Century Classroom Furniture Tween Tech
Auditorium Sound System for Belhaven Drama Club Scenery
Wall of Acceptance Dragster 3D 2-Year Software Renewal
ShopBot CNC Router & Supplies Microscopes
Seaview Walking Track Species on the Edge Awards
Student of the Month Awards Species on the Edge Awards
The Walking Track Cozy up with Kindness
Tween Tech Program Seaview Cafeteria Audio System Upgrade
Piano for Belhaven Grant
iPad for Drama Program Wise Guys 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
Gaggle Chromebooks
Robotics Kits Flexible Seatings
Little Library for Belhaven Turning Tumble
Text Detective Kit
Flexible Seating for Belhaven Belhaven Mentor Program
Kindergarten Expanded Day Curriculum Development Chromebooks
Kids in the Kitchen Program Vex Robotics
Wall of Acceptance 2019-2020 Touchscreen Monitors
OSMO Learning System and iPad Cozy up with Kindness
Species on the Edge Awards
Linwood Schools Custom Face Masks Air Purifiers for Kindergarten Classrooms
Interactive Displays, Carts and OPS Slot PCs Chromebooks
Wall of Acceptance 2020-2021 Species on the Edge Awards
Belhaven Library Furniture Upgrade Species on the Edge Awards
Wall of Acceptance 2021-2022 Touchscreen Monitors
iPads & Osmo Learning System Mobile Tub Storage Unit
Cozy Up with Kindness
Smartboard Technology Upgrade Glowforge Pro Laser Engraver/Cutter
Custom Rock Wall Chromebooks for LRC/SC Classrooms
School of Rock Wall of Acceptance
Flat Panels Photography Club
Bike Path Pole Banners

All proceeds benefit the children of
Seaview and Belhaven schools

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